The Universe Brimming With Design and Fine-Tuning

by Arthur Khachatryan

the universeFor thousands of years people have looked up at the night sky in awe and amazement. It was once thought that supernatural intervention was the driving force behind the mechanisms of the universe. While the many presumptions of the ancients have been demythologized by scientific inquiry as more of the natural reality is understood, that same inquiry now brings us to a place where we can see the universe and the functions of many of its interlocking parts with much more clarity.

Innumerable brilliant minds, through centuries of inventive pursuits, working tirelessly for years on end has given us the ability to replicate the conditions of the early universe. Through a device called the Hadron Collider (and other particle colliders) scientists are now able to get deeper insight into the conditions of the universe while it was only a fraction of a second old.

The scientific evidence points to the reality that the universe appears to have leapt into existence out of nothingness. A tiny spec known as the singularity, beyond which all known laws of physical break down, exploded into being and has expanded thereafter to be the universe of today. We use the term explode because there is no other better way to describe the extreme rate of expansion from the singularity, but this rate of expansion was very finely tuned. This expansion was so fast and the release of energy so great that the event was deemed to be termed the Big Bang.

Now, since everything we’ve experienced in our lives are things, whether substantive or conceptual, many will have a real big problem fully comprehending nothingness. It is, therefore, helpful to add some context. By nothingness we mean there was no matter. By nothingness we also mean there was also no space. And by nothingness we also mean no time. Now, the best we can do at conceptualizing nothingness is perhaps by thinking of empty space, but it’s important to keep in mind that space is tied to time in some way, shape or form, and by thinking of space we automatically also borrow time in order to help us conceptualize it. However, we must remove all remnants of these natural dimensions in order to fully understand nothingness. Nothingness implies nothing natural and the causal agent of the universe must therefore be able to transcend time, space and matter. These are eerily the properties that are generally attributed to God, especially to that of the God of the Bible. Additionally, the Bible communicates the ideas that God is also omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing), giving further credence to the idea that a supernatural cause of the universe is not only reasonable, but far more likely than the known natural world simply exploding into existence out of material nothingness…


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