Why Pop Culture Matters

by Greg West

I am  one of those annoying people who loudly proclaim that most of what is offered on television these days is garbage, and is usually not worth expending the small amount of brain power involved in watching it. My wife and I rarely watch broadcast television and we don’t have pay TV. However, there are a handful of circumstances in which our TV will be in the ‘power on’ mode:

1. It’s football season and I am watching the Rams not make the playoffs.

2. I am watching the news- just enough to stay informed before turning it off in disgust.

3. My wife is watching some annoying ‘chick flick’, which she rarely does because she loves me.

4. We are having ‘family movie night’ with our son (and of course our dog, Petey), and watching something redeeming such as Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, or Over the Hedge.

5. My wife and I are watching a movie or a good documentary, snuggled up on the couch with just ourselves and of course, our ever present dog, Petey. We recently finished watching HBO’s The Pacific, and are currently watching Ken Burns’ The War. Thankfully, Brooke likes war movies a lot more than I like chick flicks.

The point I am trying to make is that while most of what passes for entertainment in today’s pop culture is garbage, an occasional gem can still be found among the trash; and every now and then, one might be fortunate enough to stumble across one of these gems that briefly reflects the light of truth.

My friend, Jheydith, recently shared one of these little gems with me; a clip from ER. She pointed out that apologist Paul Copan has used this clip in lectures to illustrate a point about relativism. It’s little gems like this one that keeps me with my finger on the pulse of pop culture, and why pop culture still matters…


Why Pop Culture Matters


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