* Open Doors is an international Christian ministry which supports and strengthens persecuted Christians. Open Doors works in 45 restrictive countries and has offices in 20 more countries.

* Over 100 million Christians worldwide suffer interrogation, arrest and even death for their faith in Jesus Christ with millions more facing discrimination and alienation.

* Brother Andrew is the founder of Open Doors and the author of the autobiography, God’s Smuggler, which has sold over 10 million copies in 36 languages. He was first called “brother” when he began delivering Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. The recipients of God’s Word would ask him his name, and he would say, “I am a brother of all those who love and follow Jesus Christ.”

* Open Doors’ mission: “Our very mission is called ‘Open Doors’ because we believe that any door is open, anytime and anywhere….to proclaim Christ (Rev. 3:8)” – Brother Andrew.

* Open Doors’ outreach includes Bible and Christian literature distribution, leadership training and assistance, Christian community development, prayer and presence ministry and advocacy for the persecuted.

* In 2010, Open Doors delivered 3.4 million Bibles, study Bibles, children’s Bibles, Sunday school materials, adult training materials and other scriptural books and literature to persecuted Christians worldwide. Open Doors trained almost 160,000 Christian leaders and pastors in Biblical truths. It also supported 143,000 with skill and vocational training as well as emergency relief.

* Open Doors has served persecuted believers for over 56 years, which makes it the oldest on-going ministry to suffering Christians.

* Open Doors USA is located in Santa Ana, Calif. Dr. Carl A. Moeller is President/CEO of Open Doors USA. Moeller’s new book “The Privilege of Persecution” (Moody) will be available in Christian book stores in May 2011.

* Open Doors is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

* Open Doors USA is one of the lead agencies promoting the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church set for Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011.


OPEN DOORS USA -Serving Persecuted Christians

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