Apologetics of Experience

by Stephen Bedard

I am going to suggest something that is not very popular among apologists.  I believe that experience is an important part of apologetics.  Some will reject this out right, preferring rationalism from a philosophical perspective or being skeptical of false experiences from a practical perspective.

Many apologists would prefer to demonstrate the truth of Christianity from a philosophical argument or from some manuscript evidence.  I believe those things are important.  But if you asked me right now for the strongest reason for my belief in God, it would not be the ontological or any other philosophical argument.  It would be my relationship with God. 

What I mean by that is that I pray and go to God and I see him respond.  He is not my servant as in some forms of the Word/Faith movement and not all my prayers are answered.  But even when I do not get exactly what I asked for, I see something happen that makes me a better person and draws me closer to God.  Some would say that is too subjective.  After all, Mormons tell people to read the Book of Mormon and pray if it is true.

If they have a burning in the chest, that is the proof it is true.  Evangelicals would suggest that was perhaps psychological suggestion or bad pizza…


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