Atheists Need to Make Up their Collective Mind

by Bill Kesatie

A topic that has been bounced around this blog over the years is the question of whether atheism is a religion. I, for one, have set out my reasoning for saying that it absolutely is a religion in a post entitled, Why I Believe Atheism is a Religion. Needless to say, my opinion was not well received by the atheists who (at that time) were readers of the blog. They objected that atheism is not a religion for several reasons.

This morning, however, I read an article in the newspaper that led me to conclude that not all atheists share the beliefs of the readers of this blog. The article entitled, Army group says there ARE atheists in foxholes, describes a group of atheist soldiers (who in an incredibly poor rip-off are calling themselves Military Atheists and Secular Humanists, i.e., MASH) who have formed a group to advocate to meet as a group on base at Fort Bragg.

Personally, I think that they should be allowed to meet on the base. I mean, I don’t know what they would meet about. It is kind of like a group of people who don’t like baseball meeting to discuss that they don’t like baseball. I suppose that they can all share accounts of how they violated God’s law without worrying about the consequences, but that seems kinda’ shallow. But I suspect it is merely the fellowship that all believers get from meeting in groups. Regardless, I think that the military is simply being silly if it is blocking them from meeting…


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