Book Review: The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense

by Greg West

When it comes to evangelism, both books and Gospel tracts can be effective tools when it comes to sharing the Gospel, but what about those times when a simple tract may not be enough and overwhelming someone with a stack of books on apologetics and theology is a bit much? Thankfully, apologist and author Mark Mittelberg (Choosing Your Faith, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask) has given us the solution with, The Reason Why: Faith Makes Sense*.

Based on multi-million selling evangelism classic The Reason Why, by the late Christian businessman and philanthropist, Robert Laidlaw (1885-1971), which has sold millions of copies, Mittelberg has rewritten and updated the now nearly one hundred year old classic for today’s modern reader.

Using a combination of stories, illustrations (including some that are retained from the original book), and apologetics, Mittelberg gives a clear and simple presentation of the Gospel without narrowing it down into a ‘four point’ outline and without overwhelming the reader with theological discourse, or ‘Christianese’, as some of us like to call it. The book is just the right length to be read all the way through in one sitting or over the weekend, or to be carefully studied over throughout a week.

Within the book’s 127 pages, in a conversational style that can be both understood by the layman and appreciated by the intellectual, Mittelberg provides answers to such questions as ‘Is there a God?’, ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘Is the Bible reliable?’, and other relevant topics. I would highly recommend The Reason Why to anyone who is looking for something to give out to their skeptical or seeking friends, and also to the Christian who wants to become more familiar with the basic foundations of the Christian faith.


The Reason Why: Faith Makes Sense

*Complimentary copy provided by Tyndale House Publishers