Is the Universe All There Is?

by PleaseConvinceMe Blog

All there isFor many atheists, a major stumbling block is the belief – the insistence – that this universe is “all there is.” Considering the likelihood of God’s existence from this starting point will often cause the atheist to engage in circular thinking, as evident in a recent challenge posted on this site:

“For gods to be gods they have to be supernatural – agreed? For something to be supernatural it has to exist outside of the universe – agree? Since the universe IS everything, there is nothing outside, there is no ‘outside.’ Therefore nothing can be supernatural, which means that any being demonstrating the traits of a god is nothing more than a powerful evolved creature that lives in the same universe as we do, therefore is not a god and not deserving of worship.

I’m on solid ground when I say no gods exist. Disagree? Prove they do.”

With just a bit of reflection, it is apparent that the skeptic has built his conclusion right into his premises. By defining the "universe’ to be "everything," and “supernatural” as being "outside the universe," the only possible conclusion is that there is no God. Restating the syllogism, the challenger is saying: To exist, a being must be within the universe. By definition, God is that being which is outside the universe. Therefore, God cannot exist.

The problem with the conclusion is not the logic employed but the accuracy of the premises involved. Why should we assume that the universe is everything, that there is nothing outside of it? The challenger presents no evidence to support his claim, nor does he provide an argument. He simply assumes that the universe is all that there is. This is very shaky ground upon which to build a belief system…


PleaseConvinceMe Blog: Is the Universe All There Is?

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