Top Ten Problems With the Jesus Myth Theory

by Stephen Bedard

As I sit here watching the documentary on Tom Harpur’s Pagan Christ, I find myself reminded of all the problems that I see in the Jesus myth theory.  I will share my top ten problems with this theory.  This is not a detailed analysis but rather my opportunity to vent on the glaring problems with this theory.

1) The rejection of the Gospels as historical sources.  They are seen as faith documents and not modern biographies.  That is true but we do not have any unbiased ancient texts that meet the criteria of modern biography.  If we reject the Gospels, we would also have to reject most of what we know about ancient history.

2) The claim that Paul never mentions the historical Jesus.  This is simply not true.  Paul quotes Jesus, mentions aspects of his life and in 1 Corinthians 15 he challenges his readers to check out the surviving witnesses.

3) The rejection of Josephus as a testimony of Jesus.  Some authors reject Josephus as evidence for Jesus because it is clear that there is Christian tampering.  Most scholars see an original core testimony that has been augmented by Christians not created.  Plus we have what Josephus says about John the Baptist and James, the brother of Jesus.

4) The claim that gnosticism was an equally original valid of Christianity along side what became orthodox Christianity.  The fact is that there is a clear continuity with our first century Christian documents as found in the New Testament and what became orthodox Christianity.  Gnosticism with its rejection of the Jewish God, Jewish Scriptures, material world, and its focus on gnosis rather than sin were a later (mid to late second century) break away from Christianity.

5) The misuse of pagan myths.  Many claims are made about the pagan myths by these authors but when you look at the myths themselves, these claims are often not accurate.  You are expected to rely on their secondary sources and not to look at the primary sources…


Top Ten Problems With the Jesus Myth Theory | Apologia

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