Archaeological insights from the Holy Land

by  Sean McDowell

For the past week I have been on an apologetics study tour of the Holy Land with 25 high school students. Along with visiting the Dead Sea, Masada, the Sea of Galilee, the Garden of Gethsemane, and many other remarkable sites, we had the special treat of hearing a lecture by filmmaker Joel Kramer. He is the award-winning producer of The Bible vs. Joseph Smith as well as many other films. He is currently working on a PhD in archaeology at Hebrew University.

Here are some highlights from his presentation that I trust you will find as fascinating as I do:

  • Jerusalem is the most archaeologically excavated city in the world, but only 1% of the entire city has been excavated. The sites that have been excavated (even though they are a minority of all possible sites) consistently confirm the biblical record.
  • There are currently more Mormons excavating archaeological sites in Jerusalem than evangelical Christians.
  • Joel spent fifteen years working with Mormons in Utah and now he works in Israel. According to Joel, Mormons take a myth and try to make it historical. Non-believers in Israel do the opposite—they take something historical and try to make it a myth.
  • The idea that Jesus never existed is a laughing matter in Israel. No reputable scholars whatsoever hold this view—none. It would be as absurd as going to Utah and saying Joseph Smith never existed or going to Mecca and saying Mohammad never existed. Here is a direct quote from Joel: “The archaeology of Jesus is one of the only things that scholars agree about in this country…


Archaeological insights from the Holy Land |

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