Cooking An Atheist

by Prayson Daniel

I have always been awe-inspiring by the courageous last words of early Christians. Their last words and prayers before facing their Maker.

I will try to paint you a picture of one of the famous early Christian, Polycarp(c. 70-156), the Bishop of Smyrna whom also claimed to have being a disciple of John, charged of Atheism, for he has refused to worship Caesar as Lord.

Think of an old man with gray hair that bears witness to his age, tied to a stake surrounded by bundles of wood, looking to the Heavens, waiting for his execution.

Last chance to redeem yourself, old man ” shouts  a proconsul “I will cause you to be consumed by fire, if your despisest the wild beasts, unless you repent.” The stadium full of chanting and booing spectators, awaiting to witness another Christian burnt. The governor looked at the brave old man, not fully understanding why he could be so stubborn. How hard was it to deny a crucified “King of the Jew” Christ Jesus as Lord and fall instead to the lordship of Caesar?

There stands Polycarp, full of hope and joy in what he believed.  With peace that transcend human understanding, the old man answered the governor “You threatenest that fire which burneth for a season and after a little while is quenched: for you are ignorant of the fire of the future judgment and eternal punishment, which is reserved for the ungodly. But why delayest you? Come, do what you wilt.”

Proconsul blown by the courageous of old fool, wondering, what kind of King is that that won this old man’s ultimate allegiance…


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