Dangerous Misconception

By Mike

The Charge: ”Christianity was great for the folks 2000 years ago who didn’t know better!”  “Science has dis-proven the ‘fables’ of Christianity.”  “Christianity is a crutch for those who cannot take care of themselves, or who need something to hope for because they have too many failures or troubles in their lives.”  “Times have changed, and Christianity is out of date.”  Whatever the charge, a very popular sentiment in our time is that ‘Christianity Is Not Relevant To Our Modern Lives Today!”

Let’s Think About This – Lets consider the meaning behind this claim, and ask ourselves some very important questions.  Would you act upon something even if you knew it isn’t true?  Would you accept something as true once you are convinced of the evidence, or despite the evidence?  These seem like simplistic questions – think of your answers to them as you consider the discourse below:

There are many ‘apparent’ reasons that we could make the claim of Irrelevance:

“Christianity Is Too Restricting” – ‘Thou shalt not’ is sometimes seen as the mantra of a Christian.  This is too bad, since real Christianity is about freedom!  Christians believe that they are saved by grace, through faith, not by what they do or don’t do!  It is the love of the Lord they have for doing what He did for them, that causes them to obey His commands.  AND, His commands ‘are not burdensome’, and are indeed intended for the benefit of mankind (the world might just be a better place if everyone loved their neighbor as themselves!)

“Christianity Is Too Boring” – A fellowship of loving, caring, and intellectually honest and open people is the most exciting social aspect of Christianity.  Many non-believers seek this social acceptance, many with disastrous results!  And, when the Holy Spirit enters your life and a loving relationship with Christ is experienced, the things that you may think are ‘fun’ today sure seem a mile away!  In short, your focus and purpose in life will be different (a result of being spiritually ‘born again’) and you will realize that you finally grasp the ‘meaning of life’.

Christianity Is Misunderstood – Many people have been ‘put off’ by a bad relationship with a ‘Christian’ or have had trouble accepting or understanding a particular Church’s doctrine.  The worst thing that a Christian can do is be judgmental or critical.  In reality, Christians are no ‘better’ than the worst ‘sinner’, and should realize that the only difference is that we are ‘saved’.  The Church is intended to be like a hospital for sick people, instead of a cliquish den of self-righteous piety.  A healthy Church will provide education and accountability, but be balanced with a strong social cohesion and care network for those inside and outside the Church.  It is the place to be when you need help, inclusion, or a place to go to be safe.  Properly understood, the Church is a refuge in the storm.

Now let’s think of some of the reasons why Christianity is indeed relevant to our lives today…


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