Why 20 Atheists Showed Up At Our Bible Study This Week

by Matt Doan

Over the past year of so, I have built a friendship with a local Atheist named Bruce. Every other month or so we meet at Starbucks and discuss our beliefs. An idea came up as we met about how interesting it would be to transfer our coffee house discussions to a public format and invite people from both his Atheist group and my Christian group to sit in and listen to our discussion.

So this past Tuesday night we put our idea to action as I invited my friend Bruce, who describes himself as an “Agnostic Atheist” to come to our Young Adult Gathering at Calvary and discuss Christianity and Atheism with me as part of our “Reasons for God” lecture series.
Bruce graciously invited 20 of his closest Atheist/Skeptic friends to join us!

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Both the Atheists group and our Christian group were really kind and civil to each other and Bruce and I really enjoyed the way the discussion progressed throughout the night in both expected and unexpected ways.

Many of the Atheists commented that it had been years since they had been in a Church, and I felt so humbled and honored that they would take the time and courage to show up on a random Tuesday night to our Church. I had the honor to clearly present the Gospel to everyone in attendance and I know that God was and is working to soften hearts.

We began our discussion by defining exactly what we believe as a Christian (Matt) and as an Atheist (Bruce). Then we spent the rest of the evening framing our discussion around the following…


Orange County Pastor: Why 20 Atheists Showed Up At Our Bible Study This Week

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