Why Belief in God is as Easy as A B C

If God does exist, then the study of God is by definition the most important endeavor a person can undertake.  And for Christians required by God to provide a reason for our faith, it is essential for us to understand and be able to explain a clear basis for our faith in God’s existence.

So lets begin an active study of the existence of God, and what it means for us.  Here we will study the REASONS FOR BELIEF in the CHRISTIAN GOD.  In a different area we will contrast that with the beliefs in other Gods before we are done with our study. 

SO TO BEGIN, I believe that there are three clear witnesses to the fact that the CHRISTIAN GOD exists, which are in front of us each day.  For starters, by remembering that the belief in God is a BASIC belief, it is easy to start with the basics.  So we need to…

Remember our ABC’s:  Our AWARENESS, the BIBLE, and the CREATION

AWARENESS – Our own human nature (consciousness, moral fiber, etc) suggests to us that there must be something beyond ourselves.  – we just ‘know’ in our ‘hearts’ that there is more to life than what we can see and touch.  Many of us are good at putting this feeling aside or trying to fulfill the need with outside influences, philosophies, etc., but it always stays there, perpetually unfulfilled.  No ‘purpose’ on this earth (money, sex, power) ever seems to fill that vacuum.  Many people spend their entire lives striving to fulfill this need, but it always stays there, even after the accumulation of wealth or the fulfillment of personal goals.  This ‘God shaped vacuum’ (as described by the eminent scientist Blaise Pascal) can only be filled by the relieving purposeful existence discovered when we understand our position with God, and when we become reconciled back to Him.  Could it be that this longing within us is the result of God pulling us to Himself?  Because this feeling is universal, it is the first of what is considered ‘general revelation’ from God.  

The BIBLE – Our awareness leads us to look for God.  The Bible is the evidence that God has left us, as a self-autographed documentation of His nature and His plans (this is the first of the ‘special revelations’ from God.)  More than just any other book, even any other ‘religious’ book, the Bible is singularly unique.  It is neither a single book, nor is it written by one person, as are most ‘religious’ texts.  It is a collection of 66 books that were written by 40 or more different authors in three different languages, in 3 different continents.  These books were written over a period of about 1600 years.  The authors represent society at large.  They were not just scholars and preachers, but they also ranged from common folk such as shepherds, doctors, government officials, fishermen, and tax collectors, to Kings.  There are many styles of journalistic method involved, including history, poetry, government records, dialogue, parables, sermons, prophecy, letters and religious instruction. 

The Bible has been translated into over 1200 different languages or dialects.

Despite this huge diversity of history, there is one central theme of the whole collection of writings:  that God loves us and has a plan for our lives.

The Bible is most unique in its claim of Divine inspiration.  Is it likely that the above facts of the Bible could have occurred by accident, or by some ‘religious conspiracy?’  Or must Divine inspiration and purpose must have occurred for the previously mentioned points to come together and to survive for thousands of years.  Divine  inspiration is a most outrageous claim, and it leaves no room for a gray area.  Either the book is of God and deserves our careful study, or it is not and is an incredible and monumentally improbable hoax…


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