Book Review: God and Stephen Hawking

by Jamie Hughes

I’d like to consider myself to be a scholar, a deep thinker, and a crusader for knowledge, but I’ll be the first to admit that tackling and deciphering the concepts of the universe gives me great pause. Strike that, they scare me brainless. I find myself at a total loss when it comes to participating in discussions involving physics, chemistry, astronomy, or any of the other scientific disciplines that deal in theories and objects too small to be discerned with the naked eye. As a result, I often sit and watch television shows about “The Big Bang Theory” or listen to lectures and debates on the topic feeling utterly out of my element. I have less than two cents to contribute to the discussion.

That’s why I was eager to review God and Stephen Hawking by John C. Lennox. (It can be purchased here for the nominal price of $5.99!) As the back matter of the book states that “in lively, layman’s terms, Lennox guides [readers] through the key points in Hawking’s arguments–with clear explanations of the latest scientific and philosophical methods and theories…” Sounds like a book for the likes of me, someone who longs to understand the Almighty but lacks the intelligence to do so in the scientific arena…


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