Free Book: Isaiah 53 Explained

Greg’s Note: Please keep in mind that whenever I post free offers like this I always check them out before posting. There is no postage to pay here and it does not involve signing up for any e-mail lists and I received my book in a very reasonable amount of time. I just finished reading it and it is very good and worth your while, and easy to read and understand. Written by a Messianic Jew, this book will aid you in understanding of Old Testament prophecy and it’s fulfillment in Jesus Christ. This book is great for personal study as well for evangelism, especially to those of Jewish backgrounds. Enjoy & learn!

In Isaiah 53 Explained you will come face to face with a pivotal passage in the Jewish Bible that has the power to change your life. As you journey through this chapter you will examine the historical trustworthiness of the Scriptures, meet the God who predicts the future and also brings it to pass, and discover the most soul-satisfying relationship in the world. All you need is an honest mind and an open heart


Free Book –Isaiah 53 – Isaiah 53 Explained

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