How Deep Are Your Roots? Some Advice For Christian Apologists

by Eric Chabot

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” (John 15:1-4).

Lately I have been thinking about those of us who are involved in the apologetic endeavor. Most of us have to spend an extraordinary amount of time evaluating and critiquing arguments for God’s existence. Also, since apologetics integrates so many different disciplines such as history, science, ethics, theology, philosophy, etc., it can end up becoming quite exhausting.

The problem all of us have as Christian apologists is that many times our faith is built on apologetic arguments. In other words, as we have studied apologetics, we haven’t integrated our apologetic studies into the rest of our spiritual lives. Don’t get me wrong. I love the apologetics stuff.

I also know that skepticism is here to stay. Just do some evangelism. You will see that people think doubting everything is the more rational position to take. So this an exciting time for Christian apologetics!

But I think that many of us struggle to cultivate a relationship with God. In other words, we haven’t learned how to implement spiritual disciplines into our lives. Perhaps we don’t have a vibrant prayer life nor much of a devotional life with God. Many of us are so engulfed in studying the arguments for God’s existence that we end up losing our balance. This is very dangerous because it makes us more prone to nagging doubts…


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