How do you present the gospel properly?

by Matt Slick

There are a lot of Christians who present a false gospel in their evangelism.  They don’t do this on purpose, but they do it nonetheless.  Let me give you some examples of bad presentations of the gospel message and then we will go through the right way to do it.  You might hear something like…

“God loves you and if you give your life to Jesus, you will go to heaven.”
“If you ask Jesus into your heart, you will become a Christian.  Just ask Him to be your savior.”
“Jesus loves you so much that if you trust in Him, He will save you.”

Christians with good intentions often repeat these watered-down, insufficient presentations of the gospel so that when a person “asks Jesus into his heart,” there is a strong risk of not receiving Christ properly.  This is dangerous because it has the potential of inoculating someone from truly finding Christ in the future.

Let me illustrate this by looking at another presentation that is obviously wrong.  Consider this misrepresentation of the gospel message:  “If you ask Jesus into your heart, your life will get better.”  Okay, so this is obviously bad, but I want to focus on why it is bad.  First, you don’t receive Jesus so that your life will get better.  You receive Jesus as a sacrifice for your sins so that you might be saved from the righteous judgment of God.  Second, being a Christian doesn’t mean your life gets better.  Sometimes it can get worse when you start living for Him and your friends and family abandon you.  Third, once the person has “tried Jesus” and his life failed to improve as promised, then he gives up on Christianity and is effectively inoculated from ever receiving Jesus again — even if someone presents the gospel properly.

I hope you can see that presenting the truth is extremely important.  We do not want to offer a misrepresentation of the gospel to people.  At this point you might ask, ‘So, what is a true presentation of the gospel?’


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