How to be Open-minded

by Shelby Cade

In a past blog I garnered this comment, “If any of you have an open mind, please check out this.”  The obvious conclusion is that Christians are not open-minded.  Why do some atheists and skeptics assume that belief in the Christian worldview is closed-minded?  It seems that many who call themselves open-minded do so from an almost arrogant position.  It’s like one does not need evidence, but it is safe to assume that the open-minded person (atheist/skeptic) somehow has it all figured out.
What does it mean to be open-minded? I would like to suggest 3 points to consider for those who choose to call themselves open-minded.

  1. The open-minded person is open to all evidence.
  2. The open-minded person does his/her own study.
  3. The open-minded person is only interested in truth.

Many times the Church is weak in its ability to be open-minded.  Too many Christians are not willing to do their own study and simply follow what they have been fed.  Atheism also falls victim to this same philosophy…


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