The Life of the Mind

May 10th, 2011 by Arthur Khachatryan

Most of us often regard one aspect of our lives to be supreme over the others, and as a result, we take the others for granted. We heighten the importance of the one we are most comfortable with, the one that resonates with our personality, and we diminish the significance of the others. For example, the scholar who’s learned to value the mind as a means of living and understanding the world is apt to favor the mind above all else, content to pursue the mind above all matters, often content to intellectualize all things, organize all things into little compartments, to mechanize everything possible in order to draw logical connections between all aspects of his existence. This, however, while a realistic and rational approach, does not allow him to experience the soft nuances and wonder of life. By reducing all of existence to a mechanistic process we are hardened and left out in the cold, and we are reminded time and time again that some of our theoretical understandings of the world appear misaligned with our practical experiences, and we slowly drift away and lose touch with the world and the people who mean the most to us. Many in this camp live lives of quiet desperation usually wrapped up in thoughts, always trying to rationalize their experiences as some piece, some cog in the wheel of unencumbered reality.

The life of the mind is important – it is favorable for us to be thinking creatures. And while it may take away some of the mystery of life, it is nonetheless important to be realists and depend more on our knowledge than our ignorance. Knowledge empowers us. It gives us understanding. The mind is usually awakened from its slumber with new thoughts, new concepts, new revelations, and a spark of enthusiasm is generated with every such experience. Knowledge can be exhilarating; the mind revels in the oceans of the yet unknown…


Life of the Mind, the Importance of Thinking

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