Sometimes Faith Does Take Faith

by C Michael Patton

faith_billboardMany things are easy to believe. Its easy to believe that I just finished counseling a couple who are getting married next week. Why? Because I just experienced it. Its easy to believe that I am writing on my computer right now. Though I don’t have the first clue as to how computers work, the experience is enough to persuade me of the reality of my actions. I believe it. So many things in life that we have faith about are easy to believe. But some things are harder to believe.

One thing that we have to keep in mind about the Christian faith is that it often does take faith. I spend a good deal of time trying to help people understand that belief in Christ is not irrational. In fact, I believe that, when we understand things well, it is the most rational thing that we can do. However, just because some thing is rational does not mean it is always easy to believe. Some things that God calls on us to believe are simple and self-evident. Very often, many aspects of our faith are easy and require about as much effort as belief in the reality of my present action of writing this message. Sometimes faith seems to take very little faith.

However, there are things that are not quite so easy to believe. There are times in our lives (often extended) when belief is hard to come by. There are things that cause us to doubt and slip into a mire of uncertainty. When faith does not come so easy, we often panic, making the situation much worse as we sink deeper into a pit of despair.

It is easy to believe God loves me when things are going well in my life. When the kids are obedient, when my marriage is going well, and when there is enough in the bank to pay the bills. It is easy to believe because we often think that these are the things we should experience if our faith was true. However, when things are not going so well, faith takes a little more faith…


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