The Language of Science and Faith

by Dr. Benjamin Wiker

Francis Collins’s credentials as a world-class geneticist are well-known. As the head of the Human Genome Project, he saw the sequencing of DNA through to its dauntingly complex conclusion. His credentials as an evangelical are also well-known, since he made no bones about revealing them in his New York Times bestseller, The Language of God. In his newest book, The Language of Science and Faith, he teams up with physicist Karl Giberson, also both a scientist and evangelical. Their goal is “to understand evolution as the way that God created life.”

Note the presumption: evolution is taken to be scientifically validated, and so we must seek to understand—scientifically, philosophically, and theologically—how God created life through evolution.

We at tothesource find this, in one sense laudatory. As we have stated many times, evolution is not the problem, Darwinism is the problem. That life developed over millions of years is not a difficulty for faith unless we accept the reductionistic, materialist Darwinian version of this process, which defines evolution in terms that purposely exclude God, reduces religious belief to groundless superstition left over from our smaller brained ancestors, and makes a mockery of morality by explaining it purely in terms of (at best) the shifting toward “nicer” genes or (at worst) the survival of the most brutally fit.

So we have no problem, in the abstract, with much of what Collins and Giberson propose, and some of it is quite excellent. They embrace a kind of theistic evolution, but not one that makes God redundant. God can, and He actually does, do miracles. He could, and perhaps did, directly influence the course of evolution. He works through the laws of nature, but He can just as well suspend them…


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