Tire-Kicker Christianity

by C Michael Patton

“Someday, maybe.” Such was the perpetual attitude of a doctor that I was doing my best to win to Christ. I was a young, enthusiastic Christian and thought I had all the answers. He was a seeker seeking answers. What a great combo when we were introduced! Our first evening together was spent discussing many questions about the reliability of the Bible. By the time our conversation was complete, I thought I might have him. But he wanted to think it over. The next time we met, he had questions about the problem of evil. After giving it my all, I thought we had for sure turned a corner. However, over the next year, the questions, issues, and objections found no end. We talked about the existence of God, the resurrection of Christ, Jonah and the whale, and everything else you could think of. Every time I pleaded with him to believe, he just came at me with more questions. Once we went full circle back to the questions we began with, I realized I had done all I could…


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