Weiner doesn’t know all his Twitter followers: Do you?

By Cathy Lynn Grossman

Remember how social network gurus say we should all follow folks who follow us on Twitter or Facebook? Tell that to Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

While the Capitol Hill press corp chases the lewd-photo who-done-it? (and who IS it?) questions one more day, let’s detour over to another part of the “brief” brouhaha. The married congressman has been asked why he “follows” young single women on Twitter.

My question: Why ask that? Who the heck knows all their Twitter or Facebook followers. Do you? I sure don’t and I invite new readers with almost every post.

When these networks were established — and certainly once electioneering staffers and corporate marketers caught on to their product/personality promotion possibilities — we were all been urged to follow everyone who follows us as part of our brand extension. There’s an automatic Twitter feed on this blog in addition to the tweets I usually add personally.

For a while, I tried to look quickly at new follower’s profiles, just as I have done with my “friends” on the USA TODAY commentary network. Out with the folks whose icons feature bombs in a turban or who appear to be selling their bodies, not their thoughts, on line. Okay to anyone who wasn’t wearing a KKK cap or spouting racist garbage…


Weiner doesn’t know all his Twitter followers: Do you? – Faith & Reason

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