Hating God: It never goes out of style

by L.D. Ablo

My servants, I must say I’m in a deliciously good mood today.  Reading of my peeps on earth exhibiting depraved minds, usually in tandem with insolent arrogance, just perks me right up.  So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce a book by a Mr. Bernard Schweizer called, “Hating God: The Untold Story of Misotheism.”

Although not himself a misotheist, Schweizer looks at men and women who are, that is, people who do not question God’s existence, but deny that he is merciful, competent, or good, and otherwise live in senseless, faithless, ruthless pursuit of my kingdom.

Schweizer shows how misotheists go atheists one better, recognizing (like I do) that God certainly exists, but he exists to be rebelled against.  I’ll bet most of them even disobey their parents.

Yes, my friends, I’m assigning required reading today.  Found at Religion Dispatches, in an article entitled “Hating God: The Untold Story,” Mr. Schweizer introduces his readers to those brave souls who, unlike atheists, hold to ”an even more rebellious concept of religious dissent: misotheism.”

Believing that atheists cannot hate God because “one cannot hate that which does not exist,” Schweizer highlights those who believe the wiser path on earth is to acknowledge the obvious, that God exists, but act like puffed-up men and women who stupidly belittle God as stupid.  Or, as he explains misotheism in contrast to atheism:

“Misotheism is a different kettle of fish. In fact, it may well turn out to be more threatening to the pious than atheism because misotheism makes the radically subversive claim that there is a God but that he is malevolent or at least incompetent, indifferent—in any case not worshipful.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.  Yes, that’s my lie.  Someone, or something, will always be worshipped.  The worldly wise path is to worship created things rather than the Creator, who, by the way, is said to be “praised forever.”  Blechhhh!

What if “forever” includes right now?

Reviving a “rarely used term—“misotheism”—to capture just this sort of antagonistic religious belief (“misos” meaning hatred in Greek and “theos” God),” Schweizer describes “a paradoxical religious phenomenon—people who cannot disbelieve and yet find that God is cruel, indifferent or incompetent.”

Now, my servants, here is kingdom knowledge:  there is no paradox.  A proper understanding of God and history leads one to a proper understanding of the human condition.  Thanks to me (you’re welcome!), humans are born hating God…


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