How I became a Christian

    by Wintery Knight

    A while back, I posted a set of questions that Christians could use in order to assess the worldviews of atheists. I received 10 sets of answers. I thought I would post my own answers to the same questions, since my co-workers and non-Christian friends have been bugging me to see them.

    Just one quick thing. When Christians talk about sin we mean people turning away from God and not involving him in their lives. As God’s creatures, we have an obligation to find out if he is there and what he wants from us. But inevitably, we don’t try to find those answers, because we do not want to be bound by what we might find. We don’t ask questions, and we speculate about ways to explain the evidence that we do see for God’s existence and character.

    That’s sin: wanting to keep God out of your life. We all do it. We’re all guilty. Five minutes introspection about how fair we have been to God should be enough to convince anyone that we are sinful. We just don’t want to give up our pursuit of happiness for anyone, no matter how much they love us, no matter how much evidence has been provided.

    The first commandment in the Jewish Shema is “Love the LORD your God…”. And Jesus agrees. No amount of atheistic personal preference “morality” or “empathy” or whatever is going to save you from that first commandment. The penalty is death. That’s why we all need Jesus to pay the penalty for our rebellion. Jesus died in our place, and we honor that sacrifice by accepting it as effective for us, and by following his example and teachings as we live out our own lives.

    Now you know what Christianity is about.

    One last thing. Love doesn’t not mean wanting someone else to have happy feelings. Love means desiring what is objectively best for someone else. It’s because atheists are constantly focused on happiness that they keep thinking that God does not love them. The purpose of life is NOT happiness, but knowing God, and relating to him in a two-way relationship. That is why people go to Heaven, to be with God, not to be happy.

    Let’s see my answers to the survey…


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