Defend Without Getting Defensive

by Mikel Del Rosario

Ever get uncomfortable listening to opposing views? Some believers get defensive and feel pressure to defend the entire Christian worldview when confronted with one objection to the faith! I’m suggesting we reduce this pressure by employing a modest goal and a simple strategy: Get the skeptic thinking by asking sincere, but strategic questions.

Ask Good Questions

Jesus did it, too. Sean McDowell recently noted how the gospels record Jesus asking 288 questions! Think about it. Many people who oppose the faith are merely repeating slogans they’ve heard but never really considered: “The Bible’s full of contradictions,” “Christians are intolerant,” or “All religions are basically the same.” No need to get defensive.

Truth is on Our Side

Even if you’re totally new to this, there’s apologetic value in a confident believer simply remaining calm under fire. Ultimately, the truth is on our side, and lies are not defensible. Because of this, we can exude confidence by engaging critics with a relaxed, conversational approach which uses more questions than statements…


Apologetics Guy: How to Defend the Faith Without Getting Defensive

The Poached Egg Apologetics

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