Life is Short; Eternity is Not

by Melissa Cain Travis

Over the past year I’ve thought a great deal about the brevity of life when it is considered in the context of eternity. I’ve pondered this so often, in fact, I’ve begun thinking of my current mental preoccupation as a sort of mid-life crisis. I’ve felt God impressing this idea–of our temporal life being a precious drop in the bucket of time–upon me more and more, and I haven’t known quite what to do with the emotions and the thoughts that have surfaced. I wouldn’t call them negative or depressing; I’d describe them as mysterious, pulsing, non-yet-solidified. I suppose I should have realized before now that God was indeed taking me somewhere in the heavy yet gentle way only He operates. (Oh, how I love Him…)

Several days ago, I decided to pick up C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. I must confess something here: I’ve been a Lewis fan for a long time; I would live in Narnia if I could, and I’ve never read a Lewis quote that didn’t strike some chord within me. However, I had never read this book, which is arguably one of his most important works. It was when I began reading this masterpiece that I began to piece together, rather rapidly, what God is teaching me about this terrestrial life: how quickly it’s over and–quite frankly–the point of it all.

Many self-proclaimed Christians seem to have the attitude that conversion is the peak event of this life, and then the rest of it is spent doing the best they can to live a “good” life free from the common vices of our day. They think of life on this broken earth as something to endure as well as possible–a feat they consider best accomplished by seeking one permissible pleasure after another: vacations, social activities, the next box office hit, or maybe just the next installment of a favorite television show.

Basically, many live according to the perpetual subconscious question, “What is the next thing that will bring me a moment of pleasure?”

But what if…

…what if more of us lived according to a very different question: “What is the next important thing I’m going to learn?”


This is not just a life to be tolerated until we reach our eternal resting place. This is our single, fleeting opportunity to prepare ourselves for the day when we step out of these Shadowlands and into direct fellowship with God; everything we allow Him to build and nurture within us here will come to ultimate fruition and purposefulness in Heaven. A sobering thought, is it not?


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