Millions of Monkeys and DNA

by Dan Roger

DNA and God
1 – DNA is essentially a sequence of information using a genetic code, scientific data supports the proposition that DNA is a code. In DNA these base pairs are adenine (A) which forms a base pair with thymine (T), as does guanine (G) with cytosine (C). The fact that DNA is a code is important and is supported clearly by modern science since around the 1960’s.

2 – All known codes of information originate from a mind. An example of this can be seen in the way HTML code is used to design websites, its obvious that such complicated information didn’t come about by chance, it involved a mind.

3 – Following the two premises our only conclusion about the intricate information code known as DNA can be that it also originated from a mind. This mind must be more complex than the code it created and therefore positing God as this mind seems a reasonable response.

A Solution
An analogy has been put forward to try and get us to understand how something as intricate as DNA could come around by purely blind natural processes, its know as the monkey analogy. Its states simply that if you leave a million monkeys for long period of time they could eventually type one of Shakespeare’s sonnets or something equally complex. In essence something as complex as DNA will eventually arise from a purely natural process, with no goal in mind, blindly, and therefore leading to something complex arising from what isn’t.

However I have noticed quite a few problems with this…


The Failed Atheist: Millions of Monkeys and DNA

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