Much Ado About Nothing

by Rick Bundschuh

It seems to me that atheists are becoming exceedingly shrill. Perhaps the swing towards a materialistic, deity-free culture has empowered them to come out of the shadows and boldly proclaim their belief in nothing and no one besides their own wisdom.

To be honest, atheists have never bothered me too much. I reserve my ammo for the “functional atheists”, those who give lip service to God but act in their everyday lives as if He is not the prime factor.

But apparently I, and those of my ilk, really bother them. We constantly annoy them by bringing up the “G” word and they fire back with odd fervor for a group who are so insistent on this entity being imaginary. They seem to lurk in the comment section of the Internet, mocking, insulting and foisting their half-baked intellectualism and Darwinian intellectual superiority upon those of us hayseeds who are so naïve as to even contemplate a Creator. They cause a ruckus in their attempt to sanitize any cultural, social, educational or political realm of the hint of this deity.

But it is hard for me to figure out why the expenditure of energy. After all, if they are right, life is void of any real meaning other than what we advanced biological units individually invent for it, and things such as right and wrong, good and bad, evil and holy are pure constructs that have no ultimate value.

For example, in the news recently the atheists went crazy because New York City named a street Seven In Heaven Way to honor seven firemen from one fire station who died on 9/11. They sputter and threaten lawsuits because the street contains the word “Heaven” in it and this is the government forcing a religious view that will harm the sensibilities of innocent atheists who find themselves wandering down this boulevard.

Now I don’t believe in fairies. I think that anyone who does is a little nutty and misguided. But if a local government wanted to name a street Tinkerbell Lane it would not get my knickers tied up in a knot. Nor do I think the pacifist would freak out at a street named after a war hero…


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