Peak Fallacy: Proteins Evolved Because They Evolved

by Cornelius Hunter

In spite of common sense and the scientific evidence, evolutionists have once again shown that evolution is a miracle worker. A new paper by evolutionists in the world’s leading journal argues that proteins evolved after all, despite just about every shred of evidence mandating otherwise. And just how did evolution do it again? It turns out proteins evolved because they evolved. If only I had thought of that—I could be an evolutionist too.

Not even wrong
The new paper acknowledges that molecular reality “severely restricts” the mutational changes a protein can undergo. Indeed, “the sparseness of functional protein sequences in sequence space and the ruggedness of the protein fitness landscape” make all but about 2% of the possible mutational changes unacceptable.

But since we know evolution is a fact, then proteins too must have evolved. One is tempted to say the research is wrong, but that would be a compliment. For it isn’t even wrong—it is downright ridiculous.

The fact that it found its way into the world’s leading scientific journal is a testament to how badly evolution has infected science. In the paper (details below), the evolutionists conclude that similar proteins are evolving away from each other faster than distant proteins are evolving away from each other. Just like Hubble’s receding galaxies right? Wrong. Once again evolutionists make a flawed analogy with physics, but that’s another story.

With their circular findings in hand, the evolutionists leap to a series of equally circular conclusions: (i) Rest assured, proteins are still busy evolving though sequence space for evolution has not reached its limit, (ii) All that evidence against protein evolution must be misleading, (iii) Proteins must be evolvable by the magic of epistasis, and (iv) The results are yet more evidence for evolution.

And you thought epistasis was a problem for protein evolution. After all, it makes for a rugged fitness landscape in the protein sequence space, greatly complicating any evolutionary search. Silly you—the evolutionists have turned it into a virtue. Yes it may appear that proteins cannot tolerate much change, but what if that tolerance is ever-changing in just the right way due to epistatic effects? Then the tiny amounts of tolerable change could be, themselves, ever changing. And so evolution can magically find a maze-like path to another protein. Just when you thought you had seen peak fallacy, the evolutionary speculation reaches new heights…


Darwin’s God: Peak Fallacy: Proteins Evolved Because They Evolved

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