The Friday Debate: Arguments on the Origins of Friday

“It’s Friday because I can touch the calendar with my hands and see it with my eyes.”
– The Apostle Thomas

‎”It’s Friday because God spoke it into being.”
– The Apostle John

‎”It’s Friday for me but it may not be true for you.”
– Oprah

“It’s Friday because it evolved from Thursday.”
– Charles Darwin

“Your belief in how Friday came to be is absurd. Friday came into being through a progression of days, it wasn’t designed by some supernatural calendar maker.”
– Richard Dawkins

‎ “It’s Friday because God actualized a possible world where it would be Friday.”
– William Lane Craig

“What Craig said!” – Luis de Molina

“Friday is true, but we can all choose to accept or reject it.”
– Jacobus Arminius

“Friday was predestined.”
– John Calvin

“There are billions and billion of Fridays.”
– Carl Sagan‎

“It’s Tuesday in another universe of the multiverse.”
– Stephen Hawking


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