The Poached Egg Podcast: Lee Strobel on Apologetics and Evangelism

by Greg West

Hello Everyone! I’m very happy to present our very first podcast and thrilled about having Lee Strobel as my very first guest. I find this to be especially fitting since I give him most of the credit for getting me started in apologetics with his book, The Case for Christ, which was the first apologetics book I ever read. I was so excited when he agreed to be on our podcast that I would get to tell him that in person (well, over the phone, at least).

In this podcast, we discuss the impact that the ‘Case for…’ series of books has had on myself and others, the need for apologetics in evangelism, the need for apologetics in the church, and we also discuss his venture into fiction with his new novel, The Ambition.

My aim is to have podcasts on a semi-regular basis as I have the time to do them. I already have a several guests lined up for upcoming shows. I hope to build quite a library of them so that you can take The Poached Egg with you when you’re on the go- working out, driving to work, or anywhere that you like to listen, and find it convenient to do so.

When listening to this first one, please pardon my amateur production values as this is a learning experience and I am somewhat technically challenged. Also please pardon my Ozarks accent that during the editing process I was horrified to discover that I have. I tend to say ‘fer’ instead of ‘for’ and ‘er’ instead of ‘or’. Somewhat like Festus on Gunsmoke, or just about anyone on Hee Haw. If you can pardon that and ignore my son talking in the background and the garbage truck driving by, I think you’ll really enjoy this podcast.

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