What is a Free Thinker?

by Arthur Khachatryan

What exactly is a free thinker? Is it someone who simply thinks without placing limitations on his thoughts? Ironically, no. The free thinker is someone who has refused to be held captive by what he would suppose to be the tyranny of religious thought, and instead opted to side with what he would perceive to be freedom from that manner of thought. The free thinker would think of himself to be more rational for not believing in God having supposed that this sort of belief is nothing short of superstition. The free thinker would perceive to be free from the “bondage” to superstition and of religious belief, that the person has come to a rational knowledge of reality instead of believing in things on the basis of  faith. But whether intentional or unintentional, by  ascribing to himself labels which make him look superior based on this new-found “freedom,” the free thinker would implicitly passively denigrate those who would believe in God.

Now, while rational thinking is a good thing, we must still ask – is the “free thinker” really free from this “perceived” bondage? The modern “free thinker” has thought himself to be free from the “false” proclamations of the past. But what if he’s wrong? It is of course a great endeavor to come to a true understanding of reality and to reject things that are false, but the brazen claim of a person who would ascribed a title of “free thinker” makes the person a victim of his own perception. The truth, on the other hand, requires no such titles, no special designations, nothing at all but itself. Truth simply is…


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