“Why Jesus?!” : A Radical Call for Pastors to Study Apologetics

by Jon Bolie

Now more than ever, people in our country are questioning Christianity. We have atheists, agnostics, Muslims, new-agers, Jews, and the simply apathetic – all asking one question – “Why should I follow Jesus as the only way?”

Now, this post is not going to delve into the question these people are asking. This is aimed at pastors, youth leaders, missions leaders/committees, worship/sound teams, volunteers, and anyone else involved in ministry within the local church. As you can tell from the title itself, I am mainly speaking to those who are pastors.

Have you had people ask you that pivotal question? “But…why Jesus?” Why is He the only way? Was He really God? Did He really die and rise again? Did He even claim to be God?

Was it easy or hard for you to effectively answer these peoples’ questions? I hope that you could answer that it was an easy task, but I know that many of you will not answer on the affirmative side of that question. This is why I felt the need to talk to you.

Apologetics is easily one of the most misunderstood aspects of theological study and pastoral work. Is it simply pointing out peoples’ logical fallacies? Is it knowing everything about proving Christianity? Is it knowing the right people? Well, all of those are part of it, but the most simple explanation can be apprehended in the text of 1 Peter 3: 14-16. It is the study and act of defending the Christian faith and aspects pertaining thereto.

Some people, especially those raised in a more Pentecostal or existentially focused church (this not said as a bad thing, mind you), find the study of theology, and especially the apologetic branch of it, much too ‘heady’ an endeavor. ‘Why think so much?’ they say. ‘I don’t want to be confused with facts and logic, I just want to know and believe.’ There is a Biblical answer to this objection. God gave us the faculty of reason and thought. Logic itself flows from the character and nature of God. By downplaying these important facts, we actually degrade our thoughts of God. Augustine said that if we did not have rational souls, we would not be able to believe…


“Why Jesus?!” : A Radical Call for Pastors to Study Apologetics « The PhilippiansOne Blog

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