An Open Letter To Young Christian Apologists

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ:

This letter is directed toward those in the Christian community that are among the current crop of Christian apologists.

Do not lose sight of the fact that your work is desperately needed. Hundreds of years of separating faith and reason has decimated the church, disconnecting the church from society and marginalizing its relevancy in the eyes of our culture. The problem is so bad that many of those in and out of the clergy are not merely avoiding difficult questions, but feel that it is wrong to deal with them. Your work is desperately needed so that we can return the church to sound reason and become more effective evangelists.

You may not realize this, but we are in the golden age of apologetics. In 1960 there was a man named Walter Martin who started a counter-cult ministry in the US, and through the 1960′s there was only five or six people in North America doing counter cult ministry. Further, many, if not most, of the seminaries had abandoned any apologetic or philosophy classes entirely. By the late 1970′s, pioneer apologists such as Norman Geisler had to teach systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary because no school would offer the ability to teach how to defend the faith. I know of no seminary that was offering graduate degrees in apologetics in the 1980′s. Books were very few and far between, and very few ministries existed that specialized in the areas that we apologists are interested.

Today, however, there are many schools that offer degrees in our field. The apologetics books published today can fill a decent sized library. Many ministries exist, and  there are apologetic clubs and organizations in many cities.  We have apologetic champions that go around debating the most intelligent of our adversaries, and we can attend conferences that are held all over the country. We are indeed in the golden age of apologetics.


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