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by Sarah Ankenman

ApologeticsIn the church today, there are three different types of people. In the first group are those love apologetics so much, they give themselves goofy nicknames like "apolojedi", (a practice which this blogger, who even loves Star Wars, absolutely refuses to partake in). The second group hears the word and goes "apolo-what?" And then there is the third group. They hear the word and go, "Bleh. Those darn Christian academics and their [email protected]&#%!c$, emphasizing scholarship and quenching the Spirit, who needs ‘em?"  Well, considering the latest Barna results, this blogger’s answer would be "the entire church". We already know the youth is leaving the church in droves due to lack of real answers for the tough questions.[1] The men have been gone for years.[2] And now, Barna’s latest research also shows a surprising decline in the attendance and beliefs of women in the church.[3]

Women? You mean the ones who have been faithfully teaching the children? I can’t imagine why they might be leaving. Hmmm. Let’s see. Maybe it is because they only go to Ladies Teas and their Women’s ministry teaches a bunch of fluff. They get told, “You don’t need to know why you believe or even how to think critically about it, just let Beth Moore tell you what to believe.” Then, they come up against a crisis of faith: their husband leaves them for another woman, their child gets diagnosed with autism, or one of their parents dies, and they can’t figure out why they ever believed in this supposedly benevolent, Sovereign God in the first place.

Why this new push for apologetics? We do not live in the world we lived in 50 years ago. There was a time for Billy Graham-style crusades and the Jesus People movement, but they are no longer the successful evangelism tools they once were. Why? Because the people that dwell on the earth today, and especially in North America, have this thing called a worldview. And, it is no longer based on a First Cause. It is based on Relativism. Postmodernism. Skepticism. Humanism. Any of these terms sound familiar to you?


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