Apologetic Mountain

by Pongener Taliakum

I saw a mountain today. The mountain was dark. It might as well be termed as tall, dark and handsome. I looked around and I saw a lot of other people standing before their own mountains. I looked at the faces of the people. There were all kinds of people. So I decided I would go around asking a few people regarding the mountains that stood before them. I picked only those people who looked a bit confused. The people looked both like Easterners and Westerners. I asked the same question to all of them. This is how they replied:

I was never aware of this mountain. My predecessors did not inform me about this. I am a Buddhist.”

” I cannot deny this mountain because I am empirical. I am an atheist.”

“I have been told this mountain will continue to stand or keep on coming back to me, though I wasn’t aware why  I had to be near the mountain. I am a Hindu.”

“I  take this mountain for granted because I am not to question why the mountain is here. I CANNOT question. I am a Muslim.”

” My destination is to get to the summit and enjoy the beauty by having a full view of whatever is below. I follow Christ.”