Has God done all he can for the unsaved?

by Randy Everist

This question really occurred to me during a conversation about God and his influence in people’s lives. At first, unsurprisingly, for the atheist the answer is clearly “no.” For he thinks that God does not exist, and so does nothing for the “unsaved.” However, even if God were to exist (and Christianity to be true), there are those who remain lost and hence God did not do all he can. For the Christian, surprisingly, the answer at first blush seems to be “no.” This is because Christians traditionally believe God is sovereign; the average believer interprets that to mean that God can do anything. Whether this entails forcing people to believe or bringing it about so that everyone may freely choose to believe, the reasoning goes much the same as the atheist’s: if there are any unsaved, then God is not doing all he can for them. If he were to do all he could, then all would be saved.

However, the more robust and intellectually satisfying answer is that God cannot do the logically impossible (as he is Truth itself). There is good reason to suppose that in response to the question, “has God done all he can for the unsaved?,” the answer is “yes.” First, we ought to examine what God has done.

First, God has sent his Son into the world to die for it.

This can be biblically shown from verses such as John 3:16, 1 Timothy 4:10, Acts 17:30, etc. Christ died for sinners; he paid the ultimate price so that people could go to Heaven. If that does not show God’s willingness to redeem the lost and love for those people who will eventually and finally reject him, I don’t know what would.

Second, God wants all men to be saved.

This is a crucial point. Some may read the former point and object, “but this only shows God’s love for those who will be saved!” While that would be ignoring the point I made concerning the death of Christ (who died to pay for even the sins that would not ultimately be officially done away with due to man’s rejection), it is a point worth exploring. 1 Timothy 2:4 states of God, “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” That sounds like a God who loves all mankind to me…


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