How to Convince a Materialist

by Robert Paul Vicars IV

painterIn all of these discussions regarding the knowledge of God or proving His existence, I think it would be beneficial to understand how the materialist’s worldview limits understanding the evidence for God.  We’ll do this by posing the question, “What evidence would a materialist require to be convinced of the existence of God?”  Realize that this is an incredibly difficult question because it requires a complete change of worldview and presuppositions on the part of the materialist.  So it probably won’t be any ONE bit of evidence, rather, it would require a mass of evidence to cause such a change.  So, what evidence would a materialist require to make such a change?

What if God Told You?

What if God described how He created?  A painter has trademark characteristics in his/her art.  Often these are recognizable and attributable to the artist based on a viewing of the art itself.  But it would be difficult to ignore the signature in the bottom right corner.  If both the signature and the art point to the same person, it would be difficult deny that that individual was the artist.  But this line of reason requires the objective possibility of an artist in the first place–which materialism does not allow.  Even though God has written the account of His creative activities in his Word with simplicity so that even a child could understand, the materialist will remain unconvinced because the worldview permits only assuming material existences.  The evidence in God’s Word, is ignored or explained away by materialist in the same breath that they claim “no evidence exists” for God.  God has told us He is the creator of our universe, in His Word.  He has written it out for us.  We have no excuse for not seeing it, especially when we blind ourselves to this evidence.

But the Bible was never going to be convincing to a materialist. After all, they can explain it away as the writings of men. But maybe the evidence in the art itself would be convincing.

What if God Showed You?

There are two aspects of our universe, found in science (the “paint” of the materialist’s art) that point to God. They are the fine-tuned universe and the irreducible complexity of a cell.

The incalculably fine-tuning of our universe leads to the conclusion that it was created for our existence. Materialists explain this away by postulating an infinite number of universes, making ours more likely to exist. Yet, this requires a greater step of faith than does believing in God, and has significantly less evidence.

The irreducible complexity of cells cannot be explained by materialists, especially with evolutionary theory. The inner-workings of cellular life is so immensely complex that it could not possibly evolve. These complex systems must work exactly as they do or cease to exist.

The evidence above is either explained away using material causes that have no evidence or require HUGE amounts of faith. Either way, the painter is unrecognized in the features of His painting…


How to Convince a Materialist / Truth and Friction

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