Reasons In and Out of a Worldview

by Luke Nix

“I believe that anyone sincerely seeking Truth is going to find it. The problem is, most people are not looking for Truth, they are looking for evidence to support their assumptions. It takes a lot of humility to actually pursue Truth sincerely.”- Rachel Oja*

In so many of my interactions with people, I have found that they have already made a commitment one way or the other to certain worldviews and are looking for intellectual reasons to maintain that commitment, be public about the commitment or escape another commitment. I know people who are ready to accept any worldview except for X and others who are committed to accepting any form of worldview Y. Some are currently in worldview Z but are looking for intellectual reasons to either remain in or to get out.

I have found that Christianity is not immune to this observation. Some people are looking to get in but need intellectual reasons, while other are looking to get out but need intellectual reasons. I have seen people leave Christianity because someone asked them “well, who created God?”. I have seen people come to Christianity for “fire insurance”. Neither of those being logical reasons.

All worldviews need to be able to explain this phenomenon with regards to their own worldview while remaining consistent with all other internal beliefs. Every person has a worldview (even the agnostics), so it is impossible to be completely objective about this, and the person putting forth the explanation must accept that they are subject to the explanation (they are not above it). I want to offer a Christian perspective on this issue.

For those not familiar with the content in my psychology class series, it has been discovered that the emotional center of the brain is the filter that controls all final decisions (including basic actions). If one is emotionally committed to a certain conclusion, any logical conclusion that contradicts the emotional commitment is interpreted as wrong- the logical conclusion is therefore rejected and the process that gave that conclusion is returned for further investigation to find a possible way to reach a conclusion identical with the emotional commitment. Some people have multiple emotional commitments, and the one that is held most strongly will have final say…


Faithful Thinkers: Reasons In and Out of a Worldview

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