Reasons to Believe through Music

by E. Stan Lennard, M.D., Sc.D.

What is music to man? Music is manifold beauty. It expresses emotions of love, anger, joy, celebration, sadness and compassion. Music richly communicates information that has structure, meaning, plan and purpose as elaborate as in any advanced science, technology or philosophy.[1] Its purpose is given action through creative expression[2] and can be awesome in its majesty and power. It is composed with rules of order that assign specificity and pattern to complexity also found in such disciplines as mathematics, physics and molecular biology.[3] Its expression demands justice to the rules of the score. Willful departure from the rules results in disharmony and chaos and becomes mere noise. In man music stimulates special interactive networks of synaptic transmission through neural codes. These codes ascribe unique patterns of melody and theme to assemblies of perceived and conceived frequencies, tempos, rhythms and harmonies, drawing upon an immense reservoir of informational entropy not by a process of blind chance but by the creative choice of human intelligence.[4] Music is a language that is expressed only by man, distinguishing the uniqueness of human beings from all other creations.[5] It links man’s physical being with the soul and spirit.[6] It is more ancient than man, preexisting and transcending man’s physical temporal existence in the Mind of God.[7]

The character of God is outlined by Lee Strobel in his book The Case for a Creator.[8] The portrait of God that emerges from scientific data is consistent with the description of God in the Bible. He is Creator, unique, uncaused, timeless, immaterial, caring and personal. He expresses will, is the Source of all intelligence, information and wisdom, and He is rational. The creations of God manifest His design, plan, meaning and purpose, and He is enormously powerful in His actions. Through Him we have identity and purpose, and He has provided for us to receive the hope of everlasting life.[9]

Music also expresses the character of God with the precision of science…


Reasons to Believe through Music | Reasons To Believe

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