What God Says About Abortion

Many Would Not Be Here

When she was twenty weeks pregnant, Leeann Phelan went to the doctor for a routine pre-natal check-up. Her doctor discovered something that concerned him, so he referred her to another hospital. A second battery of doctors gave Leeann the terrible news: her baby was missing part of his brain, and the part that was missing was the area that would ultimately control his ability to move. Doctor’s told Leeann that her baby had Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation, and they said he would never be able to leave a wheel chair. Naturally, Leann was devastated as she thought about the future. Her doctors actually encouraged her to have an abortion, arguing that a pre-born fetus at 20 weeks was not viable anyway. The pressure from her doctors was considerable, and Leeann nearly listened to them. Her pregnancy was difficult and she even had to induce labor 13 weeks early for medical reasons. Her son, Jayden, weighed only 2 pounds, 7 ounces and was only 6 inches long. But as it turned out, the doctors misdiagnosed Jayden and he grew to be a healthy baby boy; he doesn’t have Dandy-Walker Syndrome after all. Looking back at it, Leeann can’t believe she almost aborted Jayden.

Leeann serves as a reminder for all of us; we are often too quick to decide that a life is meaningless, and our culture often encourages us not to seek God on these issues, but to react quickly to serve ourselves…


What God Says About Abortion

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