Arguing about the morality of a thing with an atheist is pointless

by Anthony Horvath

Everyone has heard the charge:  God is a moral monster.  Indeed, Christians themselves have often struggled to reconcile the goodness of God with some of the actions recorded in the Scriptures, not to mention the bloodiness of human history.  I have myself struggled with this.  What thoughtful person hasn’t?  Unfortunately, as soon as you open your mouth to charge God with evil conduct, you have proved he exists, and also that he is good, because unless there exists a good God, all moral statements are nonsensical.

Granted, how you get from one to the other requires some intermediary steps.  It is not my purpose to speak to them here.

My purpose is to point out that it is almost a complete waste of time to argue about whether something is moral or immoral- including whether a putative God is moral or immoral- with an atheist because atheism logically entails moral relativism.  Most of the atheists that I’ve debated with have actually asserted this.  Some have argued differently.   I understand there is some diversity.  However, I’m not really trying to capture what atheists think, only explain why in my view dialoging on the morality of something is pointless.  And I think that atheism logically entails moral relativism, which makes any discussion about the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ about something (anything!) no more or less a discussion- according to the atheist- over one’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

So there you have the first hint at why the debate is useless.  Between the two of us, the only one who can be held to any kind of objective standard is ME.  That puts the atheist in the enviable position of being able to criticize my views or conclusions forever and ever while leaving themselves insulated from any challenge that their views are not consistent with objective standards… for the obvious reason that they don’t believe there are objective standards.    Likewise if they criticize the morality of something God is alleged to have done.  God is supposed to be omni-benevolent… and the atheist knows just what that would look like in order to find God wanting! while simultaneously believing that such assessments are societal constructs, evolutionary artifacts, or whatever they tell themselves.

Allow me to try to illustrate…


Arguing about the morality of a thing with an atheist is pointless | Athanatos Christian Apologetics Ministry

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