OSU Graduate Discusses Ratio Christi Experience

by Kyle Reid—  physics graduate at OSU

I came to  Ohio State my freshman year as a Christian, hoping  to share my belief with others. Within the first fortnight at the dorms I was challenged with questions and assertions which I had never heard before. They revolved around subjects I had never encountered before such as questions about morality, statements why the Pentateuch could not have been solely written by Moses, and why other books were not included in the New Testament.

It seemed that science and philosophy were against me and that anyone who was an intellectual was an atheist or agnostic. I continued to trust in God through all of this, hoping that He would provide some answers to me at some point.  I tried to seek these answers from Christians and other ministries but to no avail. They simply responded with “just have faith.” Two and a half years went by and I found myself studying physics with a fellow student who was also a Christian. He kept telling me about the organization he belonged to and that I should come out to one of their meetings. Thinking it was just another typical blind faith Christian group, I procrastinated coming to their meetings. A few weeks went past and he was still asking me to come out.  I finally decided to check out the Ratio Christi group.  When I went to the meeting I was amazed by not only the subjects that were discussed, but by the students as well. To my surprise there were philosophy students present who were Christians.  This was odd given that I was told anyone who was a known Christian in philosophy was at the center of ridicule by their peers for believing in God.  The subjects discussed were of much greater intellectual weight than I had ever heard discussed at any Christian student organization, or even at Church. They discussed issues from morality, to evolution, ethics, the Big Bang, and many others.

There were also discussions similar to that of sermons I had heard many times before, on how the Bible can be applied to one’s life. I did not have time to attend any more than one organization at a time in my stay at college.  Ratio Christi has greatly helped me to see the delusion that modern academia is under and answered my prayers to the questions I received as a freshman and still do on an almost daily basis. The only thing I can pray for now is that people can be more informed about apologetics and that Ratio Christi and other apologetics organizations can spread and flourish, especially in the college environment as well as in youth groups. People need to know that Christianity not only has faith, but that it has reason and logic as well.

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