Ricky Gervais, promulgator of stereotypical atheism

by Mariano Grinbank

Eryn Sun wrote an interesting article due to Ricky Gervais’ recent photo op. He posed on the cover of the magazine for the anti-Christian support group, New Humanist.

Ricky Gervais’ major premise, behind this publicity stunt and his comedy in general is, “You have the right to be offended, and I have the right to offend you. But no one has the right to never be offended.”

With regards to the photo, he stated, “I thought the caption … could be ‘Stand up for what you believe’.” Indeed, atheism is a belief system just like any other: only relying exclusively on lack of evidence.

The report notes:

…the magazine features Gervais shirtless, but in jeans, holding a mic stand across his back as if he was being crucified. The words “atheist” in all capital letters are written above his chest in blood. A crown of thorns also adorns his head.

But what does he believe in relation to the photo? That he is a martyr? That atheists are martyrs? That atheism is spotless? That they are the saviors of humanity? Just what is it?

He has written and spoken on numerous occasions about Christianity, Jesus, and his thoughts on religion. For the 50-year-old actor, this included science, evolution, and the facts, which he substituted for Jesus and “the Christian God”, both of which he once believed in as a young boy.

Indeed, at the ripe age of 8-9 years he, apparently, possessed such knowledge of theology, science, evolution, and “the facts” that he was able to unbiasedly discern the true truth of all truth: God does not exist.

Ricky Gervais stated:

I can’t help what I believe any more than you can…It’s up to you what you believe in. This thing about not believing in God, there are 2,798-odd gods, and if you’re a Christian you believe in one and not all the others.

Well, of course you can help what you believe. Did he not, at first, believe in God and then not? Indeed. We can believe something and then change our minds.

He promulgates a ubiquitous well within the box atheist group think talking point de jour when he references that there are 2,798-odd gods and that if you’re a Christian you believe in one and not all the others.

Yes, and?

In fact, there are 2,798-odd gods and atheists believe in none (except their self-deification).


Well, that is the point, it is a talking point to the tune of the dead horse that keeps on resurrecting: atheists disbelief in all gods for the same reason that Christians reject all but one God—they just go one god further.

True, Christians believe in 100% more gods than atheists. However, we do not reject gods for the same reason…


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