180 Movie: Interviewing Ray Comfort, The Man Behind The Film

by Josh Brahm

The pro-life community has been buzzing for a week now about the “180″ documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it for free at 180Movie.com. I had the opportunity to interview Ray Comfort, the author and filmmaker behind “180,” to ask him some questions about the movie. You can listen to the full audio interview (12 minutes) by clicking here, or you can read the transcript below.

Josh Brahm: Ray, how did you come up with the idea for “180?”

Ray Comfort: Well, I was – actually it wasn’t planned. I wrote a book called Hitler, God and the Bible and told the publishers, WorldNetDaily, that I was going to create a video called Hitler’s Religion and go with it, took part of the manuscript and made it into a TV script and found it was just too big, too long, and too confusing and I actually gave up. I said, “Look, I’m taking a camera out in the streets to find out what people believe about Hitler” and we just abandoned the script. And I came back with 14 interviews of people who didn’t know who Hitler was. That really, really blew me away. And then I bumped into a guy named Steve who was a neo-Nazi, black-hating, Jew-hating, Hitler-loving, America-hating atheist who had a 14-inch blue Mohawk and that was very colorful footage. And then I was heckled by a German neo-Nazi, Jew-hater and we managed to get him on a hidden camera and a hidden microphone and then I bumped into a Russian Jew who happened to have lost his relatives in the Holocaust.

So, all this was totally unplanned and I looked at the footage and I go, “What have we got here? This is quite amazing.” And as I went through the Holocaust, I read about some Jews that were shot by the Nazis, pushed into a mass grave and then [the Nazi’s] brought in bulldozers and buried them while some of them were still alive and that horrified me so I decided to go out and test people’s moral character by asking if they had at gunpoint would bury Jews alive. And people would say, “No, no, I wouldn’t. I would never do that. I could never do that.” And I say, “Well, you’re a compassionate person.” They’d say, “Yes, I’m very compassionate.” I say, “How do you feel about abortion?” And they’d say, “It’s a woman’s choice.” So I’d reason with them and I’d ask them one question and it greatly surprised me but the question made them change their minds about abortion. It was in seconds and so we sat back and thought, “Boy, this is not a video about Hitler at all. This is a pro-life video.” So we changed the name to “180”…


180 Movie: Interviewing Ray Comfort, The Man Behind The Film | LifeNews.com

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