An Apologetic for Apologetics in Cyberspace

by J. P. Holding

One of the most gratifying aspects of using the Internet is being able to have immediate access to the writings of thousands of talented, informed authors, whether they are scholars or novices, Christians or non-Christians. The Internet has made it possible for any person to have a public voice and a following. Web sites can be started for little or no cost, and maintained with a minimum of effort. The Christian with an evangelistic mission is faced with many questions in terms of deciding how to best take advantage of what the Web has to offer.

Choose: Blog or Web site? You can engage in evangelism or discipleship in the form of personal, interactive communication online through electronic mail (e-mail), newsletters, or forums (such as or If you’re interested in communicating to a wider audience, you may consider two alternatives: a “blog” (short for Web log) or a Web site.

A blog is a type of Web site on which a person (called a “user”) publishes recurring entries, with the most recent entries appearing first. Blogs have become exceptionally popular recently. As of early 2008, the Internet-based journal Technorati had reported that it tracks nearly 113 million blogs, with more than 175,000 new blogs starting every day.1 A blog offers a unique opportunity for the Christian apologist to act as an online columnist commenting on issues of the day.2

Blog entries may be of any length. Most readers, however, will expect an entry to be no shorter than a few sentences but no longer than a magazine article.

If you wish to offer longer articles, a full Web site would better suit reader expectations. A Web site offers broader functions and opportunities for communication. (If you own a Web site, of course, you can also use it to host your own blog.)3

Learn the Technical Details. Blogs are easy to use. Anyone who is familiar with a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, can easily master the functions of a blog. Blogging services offer “control panels” with instructions that allow the user to tailor a blog’s appearance and manage its content. Starting a blog is a simple matter of signing up and publishing at your leisure…


An Apologetic for Apologetics in Cyberspace

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