Analyzing Christianity…

Some seekers feel they must compare the different ‘religions’ to see which one ‘works’.  While this may be exactly the best means to discover ‘Truth’, it is certainly in keeping with the consumer-mentality that we have in Western culture.  For those who feel they must pursue this route, Christianity provides an excellent starting place.  There are several reasons that a seeker should consider Christianity first:

Christianity Is Evidential and Testable

Christianity is based upon solid historical fact.  You can investigate the documentation, the rules for acceptance in the fields of antiquity and legal evidences.  Many have been convinced that the Bible is the most documented and reliable ancient manuscript in existence!  And once you become convinced of it’s reliability, you can begin to consider the validity of its claims.  But if you invalidate it, you can move on.  The trouble with other ‘religions’, especially surreal worldviews such as Buddhism, Hinduism or New Age, is that you must either agree to accept incoherent postulates (what is the sound of one hand clapping anyway, and what does it have to do with anything important?), or you must commit to a loooong process of discovery (since many – such as Buddhism – make claims that it takes a lifetime of devotion in order to finally realize what they’re talking about!)  So with Christianity you can investigate evidence and make a coherent decision!

Christianity Is Unique With GRACE

With Christianity, you don’t have to buy anything!  Salvation is free to those who believe!   God has set forth impossible requirements for us to fulfill, but out of His love provides us with the means to accomplish it!  Beware those who appear to be ‘prophets for a profit’!  A universal need for fulfillment has turned into a universal con opportunity, with peddlers of all sorts offering ‘salvation’ for a price.  Many offer jibberish or the latest politically correct slogans, but none really offer a realistic answer to the problems of guilt and loneliness in our lives but Christianity.  Many require strict adherence to certain requirements in order to appease a god who will decide if we’re acceptable after we die – without providing any certainty now, when we need it.  And who wants to meditate for days, or walk over hot coals?  So again, it makes sense to check out Christianity first – it provides a way out of our guilt and fulfills our religious impulses – and it’s free!

Christianity Is Livable And Fits Our Knowledge Of The World

With Christianity you can be honest with yourself.  With many of the other ‘religions’ you must live a ‘lie’.  Christianity allows for a complete lifestyle, based upon the Creator’s intentions, not what we seem to ‘want’ or seem to ‘hope’.  With others, you will proclaim one thing, and then live another.  For example, a Buddhist or a Hindu proclaims that the world is an illusion – but they still expect exact change, and look both ways before crossing the street…


Analyzing Christianity… —

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