Cold Case Detective applies forensic techniques to Christian claims

by Joel Furches

This Examiner recently had the opportunity to speak with Cold Case Investigator, Jim Warner Wallace.  Twenty years ago, Wallace was a hardened and cynical cop and what his friends would later describe as an angry atheist.

“Cops can be pretty cynical and mistrusting,” says Wallace, “And that’s mostly because it’s in our best interest to assume that the guy we’re walking up to in the car is trying to kill us.  If you assume the guy you’re about to arrest is trying to kill you, you’re always going to stay alive…  So the kind of mistrust and cynicism that helps keeps officers alive can also be their Achilles Heel.  So for me, I was that mistrusting guy.”

When Wallace first looked at the Bible, he was heavily involved in Forensic Statement Analysis in his work as a Detective.  Reading through the Gospels, Wallace realized that these passages contained details that were very anecdotal, similar to the witness statements that he was familiar with analyzing in his work.

Wallace decided to do a Forensic Statement Analysis on the Gospels.  He looked at all the markers that he would for a witness statement, such as the use of pronouns and the use of compression or expansion of time.  When he was finished, he was convinced that the writers of Matthew, Mark, and John had been eyewitnesses of the events they record, and that these events had been transformative of their lives.

Faced with this startling realization, Wallace was forced to re-evaluate everything he had ever believed about the Bible and Christian faith, and ultimately, he became a believer.

Wallace still works as a Cold Case Investigator, but now he is also heavily involved in Please Convince Me; a website, blog, and podcast extension of Wallace’s ongoing task of making a case for the Christian worldview using the objective reasoning.


Cold Case Detective applies forensic techniques to Christian claims –

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