Craig v Law – Does God Exist? A Short Review

by Daniel Rodger

So last night was the first stop on ‘The Reasonable Faith Tour’ which sees William Lane Craig [WLC] touring the UK for a series of debates, lectures and a conference. Last night at the Methodist Hall, Westminster he took on the Atheist Philosopher Stephen Law [SL] in what turned out to be a pretty entertaining evening, and was attended by over 1700 people which demonstrates that this is something people are interested in.

WLC didn’t disappoint, he was clear, well argued and reasonable and to the surprise of SL he only used 3 main arguments, which were the Cosmological Argument, Moral Argument and the historical facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth. It did appear that SL was expecting WLC to use the Argument from Fine Tuning since he he started to address it then quickly realised that WLC hadn’t actually used it. One qualm I have with these types of debates is that they are not always the best sort of events to bring your next-door neighbour to, I did think to myself a few times last night that I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about..sometimes it can just go right over your head a little. But I suppose this was an philosophical debate and not 2 school friends arguing about who they like better out of Lady Gaga and Rihanna!

WLC’s three main arguments:

There are good reasons to believe God exists.

The origin of the universe

– The universe began to exist
– If the universe began to exist then the universe has a transcendent cause
– Therefore the Universe has a transcendent cause

Objective moral values and duties in the world
– If God did not exist, objective values and duties would not exist
– Objective moral values and duties do exist
– Therefore God exists

The historical facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth
– Jesus’ tomb found empty by women and his disciples
– Post-resurrection appearances of Jesus to his followers
– Jesus physical resurrection is the best explanation of all the historical data

Obviously these were all expanded upon but that’s a very basic summary of  WLC’s opening statement, but you’ll get more of a feel for it by listening to it, I’ll add a link at the end of the post.

As I’ve said before I like Stephen Law and appreciated him stepping in to face WLC which must be quite a daunting proposition, he did appear a little sheepish at times but I think he made his case well, but he still ultimately failed to make the case for Atheism or provide any philosophical evidence that God doesn’t actually exist…


The Redeemed Mind: Craig v Law – Does God Exist? A Short Review

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